“Mark is one of those rare individuals who can bring out the best in anyone he meets. He does so with such ease and enthusiasm, and you leave a conversation with him feeling empowered and excited. Mark was an amazing resource for me in becoming a more successful professional, leader and father. Not only did I uncover my strengths, but Mark guided me through the process of owning them! Mark has taught me my value, and has been a hugely positive influence in my recent success.”

Tim Neely

“Mark has been my personal coach and mentor over the last six months. His recommendations, feedback, support and insight have helped me overcome a significant portion of my social anxiety and come to understand many of my fundamental personality traits, strengths and weaknesses in a more comprehensive and constructive way than ever before. As a twenty-something just starting out in my career, I consider myself very lucky to have benefited from Mark’s outstanding business experience, training and friendship.”

Tony Simonetti

“Mark combines passion and energy to make the people around him better including myself. It has been a pleasure to know Mark professionally and personally.”

Mitch Rose

“I want to tell you right of the bat your warmth and authenticity was so positively overwhelming for me–I can’t thank you enough for that. Day before yesterday I was devastated by a rejection on an opportunity, the match for which was made in heaven :). People like you can maximize the number of good days for people like me. That’s what you do for a living, and you should feel so lucky that it aligns perfectly with the purpose of your life—and that came shining through. I will follow up soon, but wanted to convey my appreciation as soon as I could.”

Debashis Sengupta
Research, Analytics & Insights Professional
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