“The takeaways we all received from your workshop were simply energizing! I know I speak for many when I say you have contributed to our professional development in a major way. Great work!”

Jeremy Brandon

“Mark offered many great tips regarding networking in a clear and down to earth style. I especially enjoyed the interactive portions of the workshop. I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for ways to better present themselves during networking opportunities.”

Vicki Harris

“I joined the WIND Networking event in Wilmington and lucky for me Mark Altman was the guest speaker. Mark speaks with such enthusiasm and clarity, he really makes you think about your own story and how to present yourself in a fun, dynamic, compelling way. I utilized techniques that Mark taught us during an interview later that day and it felt great to present myself in a way that was interesting but not appearing arrogant or out of touch. I highly recommend Mark Altman to help build your personal brand.”

Susan Layne

“I was lucky enough to attend the Acton Networkers Group when Mark Altman from MindsetGo was the presenter. His target that day was to leave his audience with tangible tools which could be utilized during a job interview. He hit a bulls-eye on that day. He performed multiple practices with multiple attendees and told the audience what was good, what needed improvement and what the individual could do to improve the answer – and then he went through the exercise again so they could practice. If you are seeking to become a confident and skilled communicator you should start by speaking to Mark at MindsetGo.”

Bob Fishman
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