Jessie Robinson

“I recently had the privilege of being coached by Mark Altman in a group setting. He was funny, intuitive, and made sure that everyone in the group got attention. I love that he didn’t just tell us what to do; he got us thinking out the solutions for ourselves. My class with Mark has been a game-changer for me in just a few days. I am now more aware of what unique things I bring to my business, and am therefore more confident in offering it to others. My new elevator pitch has me feeling excited and ready to approach and share easily with everyone! Thank you, Mark! I have had many types of training but your class was exactly what I needed right now. “

Jessie Robinson
Mary Kay Cosmetics

“We have never had a training like this. I thought I was pretty good at sales and after these trainings, I realized there were a lot of things I didn’t do. Never had someone come in and have open dialogue, role playing and different ideas. Started using the proposal tool right away and am able to better build rapport with clients.”

Meghan Simmons

“Mark Altman facilitated the best networking workshop I’ve ever attended. MindsetGo is an incredible resource to help businesses and professionals reach their goal.”

Vanessa Malfitano

“Had the pleasure of attending MindsetGo’s #MindsetNetworking program with the MetroWest Chamber Young Professionals group on Thursday night. Shoutout to Mark Altman for facilitating one of the best networking events I have ever been apart of. If you haven’t been to a MindsetGo training or facilitated networking event. I highly suggest it!”

Michael Miller

“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in multiple workshops lead by Mark. He teaches tools and techniques that produce results across all communication platforms and situations. After each session I am energized and empowered by the skills taught. I am now more confident in my ability to deliver my personal message in an interview and how to effectively differentiate myself from other applicants. I look forward to learning more from Mark and the MindsetGo methodology!”

Patricia Buickerood

“I am not quick compliment someone and carefully think situations through before I provide my opinion. I also have been around a while and seen a lot of presentations so I am sorry if I was somewhat laid back and came across as skeptical yesterday. After sleeping on it I can now say with a strong opinion that your presentation was one of the most memorable, educational and helpful that I have ever had the pleasure to participate in. Your honesty, not settling for shallow answers, probing and yes, even making us uncomfortable because we dug deep into areas we sometimes avoid or don’t consider for self-examination created a feeling in me that you bring a unique, fresh and challenging approach that is beneficial to anyone in a job search. There was great buzz in the room after you left and the impression you made on the group was powerful and stimulating. Thank you so much as I admire the fact that you have been “one of us” and had tough times in your career and life yet you overcame financial and job challenges and have dedicated yourself to helping others.”

Larry Ragland

“I have attended a lot of workshops over the years and this was one of the best. The Mindset Network workshop provided valuable content and Mark was refreshingly engaging. In a short amount of time he communicated very helpful information and provided strategies I was immediately able to execute. “

Bonnie Shupp

“Mark’s insight into communication skills is innovative, and his charismatic presentation style is unsurpassed. If you are looking for a way to improve and/or increase your business, Mark Altman is your man—he delivers a powerful dose of entrepreneurial adrenalin with tips you can apply immediately, as well as strategies for the long haul.”

Frances Brown
Award Winning Author

“Best training I have ever had during my 28 year career. Rewarding, informative and uplifting. This sales training was experiential and dynamic. Like going to see a psychiatrist and getting personally examined to find out how to be more productive and what steps I need to take to be more successful in terms of what you need to do and what will help you. The funnel will follow and pipeline will grow. Email training was phenomenal as well.”

Elizabeth Cullinan
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