Knowledge transfer is a powerful thing. Unfortunately, when you know something so well it can be very hard to teach it and not consciously assume they already know some of what we are saying. Consider the following simple tips when conveying knowledge to your team

  1. Have kids in close proximity so they aren’t straining to hear or understand your wisdom even if that means calling them in from their positions on the field/court. In a world of information overload, it is easy enough to be distracted, never mind when there are unnecessary obstacles in the way.
  2. Scan the group and make sure they are maintaining eye contact at all time and if not, kindly ask them to do so, or ask them a question to recapture their attention.
  3. When you are finished teaching, ask the kids what they’re taking away from what you just said to confirm they actively listened or have them paraphrase what was just taught to someone else to see what they retained.