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Salespeople often rely on product knowledge and use it prematurely. The question is not whether product knowledge is valuable and should be used; but how to use it and when? Shifting the focus from how you are going to help to WHY clients should act is integral for connecting with your prospects. Be able to articulate with emotion and enthusiasm what you want them to learn, to feel, and to do.

Story Selling helps connect with and engage an audience by painting a vision for the future and creating lasting impressions with the narratives you have constructed.

  • Unhealthy one-time-buyer to returning customer ratio
  • Lack of relationships with clients
  • Sales team is unmotivated, unenergized
  • High turnover on leads, unhealthy closed-lost to closed-won ratio
  • Active listening
  • Communication Intelligence
  • Empathy & perspective taking skills
  • Create and articulate a vision
  • Paint a compelling picture of how the buyer’s world will improve when they buy from you
  • Tell third-party stories to create confidence in the ability of your company to deliver the necessary solution
  • Understand how to effectively use vocal variety and energy
  • Choose the most efficient words to convey your point
  • Use verbal and non-verbal techniques to project confidence
  • Articulate why you do what you do
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  • Social Influencers

  • Changemakers

  • High-potentials

  • Those who struggle to be assertive

  • Learning and Development Personnel

  • No formal sales training

  • Outdated sales training

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