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One of the most important tasks any business has when looking to recruit, engage, and retain employees is investing in the talented individuals they’ve hired. One of the most common factors for talent leaving companies is the lack of development in their professional skills. These skills are often neglected, leaving your employees frustrated, unchallenged, and searching for their next opportunity.

Investing in training, learning, and development is essential for the future of any organization. When you strategically invest in employees, you will reduce turnover, increase loyalty, and build a strong, positive work culture that is communicated through GlassDoor, Indeed, and other social media networks.

According to research from SHRM, employee replacement can cost a company between six and nine months of the departed employee’s salary. Aside from the direct financial losses, a high turnover rate also affects the company’s market position, profitability, and revenue. By training employees and investing in their career development, you can make them feel valued by your organization and engender their loyalty.


Emotional Intelligence

Communication Intelligence

Sales & Networking

Customer Service

Change Management & Motivation

Body Mind Bottom Line: Psychological Wellness

Conflict Prevention & Problem-Solving

Leadership Development

Employee Engagement


MindsetGo is an innovative training organization that excites individuals to apply their new skills, knowledge, and behaviors to improve both individually and as part of a team. Our speaking and training, regardless of the topic, centers on Communication, Emotional, and Multi-generational Intelligence.

Our programs develop core competencies in leadership, business performance, sales, and service. Our focus is on improving leaders, mid-level managers and teams within your organization by developing internal and external communication strategies, and facilitating sustainable mindset, attitude, and habit change!