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Whether you’re an entering freshman or about to graduate, you are going through some huge transitions and decisions. What’s your purpose? What do you really want to do with your life? Who do you want to become? Can you really live the life you’ve dreamed of? Isn’t that just for the lucky few?

If you only had a magic wand or the tools to develop clarity about what’s most important to you and why. Too many professionals go through life doing what their parents or society dictates or told them they should do instead of finding it out for yourself. Once you create the template and feel you have identified your passion; the question is: Will you pursue it, or find an excuse not to? The answer to that directly impacts your personal and professional happiness.

Mark energizes and motivates college students by sharing “WHY” embracing new perspectives will lead them to greater success and well-being in their schooling, work, and life.

How many students have the skills and ability to excel and lead, but don’t have the courage or confidence to share ideas, offer feedback or self-advocate? These same kids are tempted to raise their hand in class, but aren’t sure if they should.

Mark empowers students by shedding light on the benefits and positive results they will experience by utilizing a growth mindset.

He builds their confidence by helping them find their voice, recognize the meaningfulness of their contributions, and embrace the lasting impact they can have on their peers and society. Mark connects with kids so they realize they are empowered by the choices they make to overcome procrastination, fear, and self-doubt.

How do college students survive and cope with the daily onslaught of pressures from their peers, professors, teachers and society? Unfortunately, these ongoing stressors and fears often create bad habits causing students to feel discouraged and confused because they aren’t aware or confident or alternative positive habits. The good news is that students who feel stuck or are afraid of change can reinvent themselves through mindfulness.

Mark shares how self-awareness has positively impacted his own life and makes the concept of mindfulness relatable, appealing, and achievable. Students leave this engaging presentation able to identify replacement habits, anticipate challenges, and visualize success.

Mark Altman teaching college students
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  • Embrace and lead change
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  • Overcome past feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Adopt a growth mindset
  • Be more engaged and motivated with company mission/values
  • Use mindfulness to increase personal awareness and drive better habits
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