Follow-Up and Re-Engagement

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Having expectations are encouraged if they are stated and agreed upon. Develop and communicate rules of engagement that create trust and comfort.  Be viewed as an expert by establishing a mutually agreed upon process that addresses pain centers, goals, communication preferences, a follow-up plan and informational needs.  Challenges:  Motivate prospects to review your proposal/materialsAddress shifting priorities Deal more effectively with delays and missed appointmentsEstablish priorities related to want vs needCreate urgency in the sales process  Register Today!

Emotional Intelligence 101

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 Emotion is the single pivot point to determine how well you know yourself, how you deal with adversity and conflict, and how well you relate to others. As workplaces begin to reopen, HR executives and other company leaders will need to call on the skill set of emotional intelligence and be more empathetic to people’s fears, anxiety, and changing circumstances. They will be tasked with resolving conflict in the workplace for people who are [...]

Growing Your Sphere Of Influence

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The benefits of channel partnerships are boundless; partnerships can provide additional opportunities to generate leads, network, and share mutually beneficial business strategies. You will learn how to make investments, both physical and emotional, in your partnerships before making these commitments. Finally, you will gain the ability to craft and create an action plan with existing and future partnerships.  Challenges: ·        Advocate for reciprocity after doing favors for people in your network ·        Leverage referral partners to see you as the best [...]

Seminar Series: Influence: How to Capture The Most Powerful Drug in the Business: Attention

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Want to be great at public speaking and presentations? Communicating publicly and confidently is intrinsic to the success of almost any role. Your inability to connect with a prospect during a sales pitch, persuade managers to buy into your vision, or engage an audience impacts how people perceive your credibility, knowledge, and competence. Engage people while capturing and maintaining their attention to make sure they remember you (for the right reasons!). - Drive the adoption [...]