Conflict Prevention: Leveraging Conversation to Prevent, Resolve, and Manage Conflict

Interactive Webinar

Differences are inevitable. Divisive conflict is preventable. Conversations get stuck. Humans desire lasting relationships that deepen when we engage our differences. When people communicate constructively across our differences, we become more connected, more resilient, and better partners for crafting lasting solutions for any challenge.   The hardest conversations are often the most important. Discover the formula to deal with conflict confidently and diplomatically, to enable both parties to improve poor communication, embrace different values and restore [...]

Using Reciprocity to Generate Revenue

Interactive Webinar

Learn how to expand your business without cold calling or solely relying on networking. Learn how to utilize reciprocity for referral partnerships through the GIFT economy. Finally, follow a simple template to ask favors from your referral network and how to train people who will be indirectly selling for you.     Skills Practiced:  ·        Collaboration  ·        Influence and Persuasion  ·        Critical thinking   ·        Relationship building     Outcomes:  ·        Generate leads and create warm calls  ·        [...]

Decision Making

Interactive Webinar

Turn your intermediate decision maker into an “inside salesperson.”  Know how to get your “inside salesperson” committed to your cause before he or she goes in front of the committee for you. Find out how to recruit your "inside Salesperson" and neutralize those people that may have concerns or favor a competitor’s services over yours. Understand how to get commitments from the different types of buyers you're prospecting.    Outcomes:  ·        Gain access to those influencing [...]

The Aftermath: Measuring and Maximizing Your Networking Efforts

Interactive Webinar

Create a post-networking evaluation process and learn how to maintain your newly formed networking relationships, reconnect with prior contacts, and hold yourself accountable.    Challenges:  ·        You know you have difficulty networking, but are unsure where your weaknesses are  ·        Inability to maintain relationships after forming the initial connection/introduction  ·        Not maximizing your potential for networking when it comes to follow up, referrals, or partnership building     Outcomes:  ·        Qualify your efforts through metrics  ·        [...]

Seminar Series: Influence: How to Capture The Most Powerful Drug in the Business: Attention

Worcester Regional Chamber - George & Sybil Fuller Conference Room asd

Want to be great at public speaking and presentations? Communicating publicly and confidently is intrinsic to the success of almost any role. Your inability to connect with a prospect during a sales pitch, persuade managers to buy into your vision, or engage an audience impacts how people perceive your credibility, knowledge, and competence. Engage people while capturing and maintaining their attention to make sure they remember you (for the right reasons!). - Drive the adoption [...]