People often find it challenging to make changes to their behavior even when these behaviors affect their passion, engagement level or are causing them to underachieve. The consequences include poor student engagement, decreased resiliency, lower emotional intelligence and communication breakdowns. Learn how to tap into how people think, behave, work, and feel to understand how [...]

Resilience, the ability to bounce forward stronger from difficulty and failure, is no longer just a psychological research topic; it is an essential characteristic of leaders and teams facing the stress, uncertainty, and change impacting principals, teachers and students. Discover simple, effective tools to make smarter choices, react to the unexpected, and find opportunities in [...]

Want to be great at public speaking and presentations? Communicating publicly and confidently is intrinsic to the success of almost any role. Your inability to connect with a prospect during a sales pitch, persuade managers to buy into your vision, or engage an audience impacts how people perceive your credibility, knowledge, and competence. Engage people [...]


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