Woburn, MA – 08/14/2018 – In a move to create more comprehensive solutions for their client’s wellness and benefit programs, O’Gara Financial Group announces a collaborative enterprise with MindsetGo.  O’Gara specializes in all aspects of the insurance and employee benefit space and takes an individualized, tailored approach to enable clients to build benefit packages that works for them AND their employees.

The MindsetGo mission, according to founder and President Mark Altman, is to address more than just behavior; it is a holistic approach to shift mindsets, inspire the learning process, build confidence, and apply new-found knowledge to both personal and professional lives.

O’Gara will offer wellness solutions through MindsetGo’s Body, Mind, Bottom Line training and coaching development programs.  In response to the various challenges for clients and their employees, O’Gara and MindsetGo intend to solve ongoing corporate challenges like program sustainability, employee engagement and retention.

“Providing the skills and tools to enable people to take control of their health and effectively incorporate wellness programs while keeping costs down will be a win-win for all our clients”, says owner, Josh O’Gara. “To that end,” O’Gara added, “the joint effort with MindsetGo will be a foundation for plans that interest potential recruits, retain employees and engage users to embrace the concept of wellness.  Employees need—and expect—plans that simplify procedure, offer a network of suppliers for their varied needs, and encourage financial and physical wellbeing.”

MindsetGo, located in Westborough, MA, specializes in strengthening relationships, incorporating influence and mastering the art of presentation; through training, coaching and motivational speaking.

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If you would like more information, please contact Josh O’Gara at 617-794-0477 or email josh@ogarafg.com.