Mark Altman – Voice America

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Mark Altman is a guest on the Get into College podcast discussing ways to prepare for the communication and life challenges of freshman year.

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Chamber Exchange TV Show

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Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO interviews MindsetGo Founder on the principles of effective communication.

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Motivational Interviewing

MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING Launch & Learn, 2 hours, half-day OVERVIEW Our focused and engaging program offers proven tools to help address ambivalence and engagement both on an individual level and at a group level. Motivational Interviewing is a great tool to understand an individual’s motivation, enable people to recognize [...]

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To Do or Not To Do…What is your list doing for you?

By Janice Sioui Director of Wellness Do you rely on a to-do list to keep you on track for your daily goals or is it a parking place for everything you want to get done to feel accomplished and productive?  I have gone back and forth for years, trying to find the best fit [...]

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