Chamber Exchange TV Show

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Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO interviews MindsetGo Founder on the principles of effective communication.

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May I be Excused, My Brain is Full

Think Better. Providing action-oriented training to help leaders create better outcomes for employees and businesses.Why Is Thinking So Hard?  What makes the job of the thinker such a difficult one? And why does it seem to have gotten harder lately?The answer to the first question is simple—ego. Ego is responsible for most of the difficulties we encounter. No one [...]

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Always, Never or Perhaps Something Different

As a leader who is managing multiple generations, personalities and workplace challenges, it can be easy to lose faith in your team. When people fail to meet our expectations regarding delegation, problem-solving, decision-making, or follow through you can start to develop a discouraged and impatient mindset. This often results in among other things, starting to [...]

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