2 hours, half-day, or full-day or Webinar*

*Note that webinars are 45 – 90 minutes in length and do not cover the subject matter as comprehensively as on-site trainings


This training session will teach you various ways to help facilitate the often awkward process of joining conversations at networking events. You will also learn strategies to transition conversations for your personal or business benefit. Finally, apply tactics to conclude conversations and move onto new prospects.

  • You have no idea how to “jump in” to conversations
  • Once invested into a conversation, you struggle to connect your organization’s mission/goals to their narratives as a means of transitioning the conversation
  • Exiting or ending a conversation that seems to go on and on is impossible, and you don’t want to seem rude
  • Making connections through critical thinking
  • Gauging conversational cues through verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Group facilitation
  • Transition from their business to your business during conversations
  • Navigate and command conversation at networking events
  • Design your own follow-up plan to networking prospects
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  • Live In-Person Workshop

  • Live Webinar

  • On-Demand eLearning Program

  • On-Demand Support Tools


  • Social Influencers

  • Changemakers

  • High-potentials

  • Those who struggle to be assertive

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