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History and experience show that effective change management is driven by desire.  The most powerful tool you can use for people to embrace change and detach from their emotions is a communications technique called Motivational Interviewing (MI). Once participants understand the support they will get, the outcome and all the benefits from it, it drives greater success on critical projects and initiatives.

By learning to ask thought-provoking questions, avoiding the righting reflex and listening reflectively, leaders can get their teams to become self-aware and realize what is in the way of moving forward.  Understand how to use MI and guide team members to recognize the best course of action for their growth and development while meeting the needs of the company.

  • Increase motivation and readiness to improve
  • Use MI to master asking questions and listening
  • Build support and desire to help overcome the obstacles of change
  • amCommunicate motivators rather than perception or opinions