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How to stay on top of mind with clients, prospects, and referral partners.

Ever go to a networking event or meet with a colleague and have a good conversation about making referrals to one another and you both leave with the reactive mindset of “If I hear of anything, I’ll let you know.” Most professionals when seeking referral partners want instant gratification and if someone doesn’t have a referral, onto the next person or as Bill Belichick says “On to Cincinnati.”

If you strive to be an effective networker and build a proactive referral network, you need to stay top of mind. Let’s be honest, how many colleagues and even prospects are thinking about you after that meeting? Attend this 15 minute webinar where Mark Altman, an expert on sales and networking who travels the country often working in the financial space, provides simple and actionable strategies to stay on top of mind. When you come to mind at the right time for the right people, opportunity happens.

Mark speaks about differentiation and entrepreneurship


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