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About This Class

Everyone can master the art of public speaking and easily leverage the secrets the best speakers in the world to elevate your public speaking performance, forget the fear, and learn to love the spotlight.

Public speaking is the most common #1 phobia in today’s society, and at the same time, our abilities to strongly represent ourselves are becoming more and more of a priority. Whether we are job interviewing, pitching our startup, actively networking, or needing to lead a presentation in a boardroom, confidence, clarity, and communication skills are imperative for success.

In this welcoming and interactive class, you will bring the best out of yourself by learning proven methods that world-renowned speakers utilize in order to engage an audience and leave a lasting impression.


– Enhance your nonverbal gestures based on tactics used by some of the best speakers in the world.

– Learn new ways to handle your nerves associated with public speaking while presenting yourself as confident and composed.

– Develop a routine that will give you a step by step strategy for feeling calm, present, ready, and able to make an impact at the podium.

– Identify your speaking strengths and weaknesses.

– Learn the nuances of proper tone changes, speed changes, and how the use of space can make you a powerful speaker.


– Please come to class with a story that you’re willing to share. The story should be about you and should be around 2 minutes in length.

– Willingness to take part in group games and exercises.

– Please bring a paper and pen to take notes and/or recording device (phones work well) should you like footage of your progress.