With all the buzz about how to engage people virtually, here are three quick tips to get people locked in from the get-go

  1. Magic Wand – ask the audience a question that gets them thinking about a dream problem they experience and would love solved related to the webinar topic . Have them type in a short answer. This allows you to access what is on your audience’s mind and make your presentation as relevant as possible.  It’s one great to learn new things but even better to know how and where to apply them.
  2. Y or N – another great method to engage your audience is to ask a question and simply ask them to type in a Y or N as a response. If many of your audience members won’t even respond with a letter, you may have lost them or best case, need to engage or re-engage them.
  3. Two Versions – many people are visual learners. Are the images you are relying on visually stimulating or is it just a bunch of words? Are they just staring at you the whole time? Visual support images should be used to supplement your verbal message and they should be compelling. The words can be sent after the fact in a handout or an alternate version of the PowerPoint that is focused on takeaway strategies and best practices.

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