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May I be Excused, My Brain is Full

Think Better. Providing action-oriented training to help leaders create better outcomes for employees and businesses.Why Is Thinking So Hard?  What makes the job of the thinker such a difficult one? And why does it seem to have gotten harder lately?The answer to the first question is simple—ego. Ego is responsible for most of the difficulties we encounter. No one likes to be wrong—or at least we don’t want to be seen aiding the losing side (it’s widely believed that [...]

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Always, Never or Perhaps Something Different

As a leader who is managing multiple generations, personalities and workplace challenges, it can be easy to lose faith in your team. When people fail to meet our expectations regarding delegation, problem-solving, decision-making, or follow through you can start to develop a discouraged and impatient mindset. This often results in among other things, starting to do everything yourself. Here are three elements of self-awareness when you start feeling like you are experiencing disappointment or resistance.  Three [...]

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Beyond Engagement

With all the buzz about how to engage people virtually, here are three quick tips to get people locked in from the get-goMagic Wand – ask the audience a question that gets them thinking about a dream problem they experience and would love solved related to the webinar topic . Have them type in a short answer. This allows you to access what is on your audience’s mind and make your presentation as relevant as [...]

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I Don’t Know

What is so hard about those three little words? Is it that we assume people will question our knowledge? Or our credibility? Maybe it is what those words tell us about ourselves that makes us so uncomfortable. The good news is that being able to say “I don’t know” speaks more to your ability to be self-aware and honest, rather than being an indictment of your self-worth. In sales, prospects want to deal with people [...]

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Make Rejection Comfortable

Remember that motto we were taught growing up... “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”? Well, for those of us who have been rejected at one time or another, which is all of us, you wouldn’t wish that feeling on your worst enemy. Rejection is painful on a number of fronts. Aside from how it makes us feel emotionally, it often can cause a downward spiral in our self-confidence and self-esteem [...]

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Empowering Kids to Adapt to Online Learning

Last week, I was in the kitchen doing dishes and was quietly watching my 13-year-old son staring at his computer screen during online learning. What a rare opportunity I thought! I can see if he participates, how he learns, and how his teachers engage their students.   While in earshot, I heard some class participation and noticed he was not particularly engaged. His teacher was doing her best to manage anxious and distracted students in [...]

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Bouncing Forward

Pivot don’t panic. Just work from home. It all seems so easy, but this pandemic has made nothing easy. There are so many core competencies professionals need to be successful, but this crisis is proving that resiliency may be the most important for all levels of an organization. Most everyone is struggling to keep their eye on the ball as worries about family, friends, and colleagues are triggering emotions that many have never experienced. It’s [...]

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TunneySide of Sports: Developing a mindset

By Jim Tunney | March 14, 2020 After further review…In the world of sports, the word “mindset” is often used. What do coaches mean when they encourage their athletes to create a mindset for winning? The first step in creating a positive mindset is preparation. It has been often said, “failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” As kids in school, we often hated doing homework. Yet, as we grew older into our jobs, [...]

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Sports Coaching Tip of the Week #2

Too often we get complacent with leadership styles because we are human and attach past perceived success to outcomes as opposed to individuals. As athletes/teams progress and develop, individual motivations and goals can change through increased self-awareness. Below are some examples of how to shift from an autocratic coaching style to a democratic one that empowers and engages your team to be actively involved When explaining new plays or strategies, encourage problem-solving and ask [...]

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Sports Coaching Tip of the Week #1

Knowledge transfer is a powerful thing. Unfortunately, when you know something so well it can be very hard to teach it and not consciously assume they already know some of what we are saying. Consider the following simple tips when conveying knowledge to your team Have kids in close proximity so they aren’t straining to hear or understand your wisdom even if that means calling them in from their positions on the field/court. In [...]

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