As a leader who is managing multiple generations, personalities and workplace challenges, it can be easy to lose faith in your team. When people fail to meet our expectations regarding delegation, problem-solving, decision-making, or follow through you can start to develop a discouraged and impatient mindset. This often results in among other things, starting to do everything yourself. Here are three elements of self-awareness when you start feeling like you are experiencing disappointment or resistance. 


Three Step Process When Feeling Frustrated With People


Inner Voice: Everything I do is met with resistance – creating fear and anxiety

Self-Awareness: Is it truly everything or just with certain people and situations?

Inner Voice: Why are some things I do met with fear and resistance?

Self-Awareness: People don’t want to be held accountable or perhaps they are dealing with their own challenges they don’t know how to effectively articulate.

Inner Voice: On top of everything else, nobody is responding to the emails I send

Self-Awareness: A lot of factors contribute to why people don’t respond to messages so I won’t assume this reflects on me or this person’s perception of me or the message.