“Mark Altman from MindsetGo presented to our business organization in June. His presentation was thoroughly engaging and enjoyable and made a significant impact on individuals in the audience. Mark’s presentation combined storytelling with audience interaction. His style and connection with the audience allowed him to connect with a very diverse group of business leaders. His natural ability to draw the audience out and help heighten communication skills was very impactful and sustaining. I know from many follow-up conversations with members, they are still using many of the techniques Mark shared.”

Alex Carleton

“First, Mark does a wonderful job making his audience feel comfortable and eager to be engaged. Even people who typically only want to observe felt comfortable with Mark’s style to offer input which contributed to a diverse discussion. Second, his ‘break the ice’ exercises were designed not only for the group to begin to know other participants’ names but further make a statement about that business so it became more entrenched in our minds. Not only did he succinctly advance his agenda, but due to his adeptness of frequent audience participation people did not notice the time.”

Michael Mills
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