“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in multiple workshops lead by Mark. He teaches tools and techniques that produce results across all communication platforms and situations. After each session I am energized and empowered by the skills taught. I am now more confident in my ability to deliver my personal message in an interview and how to effectively differentiate myself from other applicants. I look forward to learning more from Mark and the MindsetGo methodology!”

Katherine Kowarz

“In a few sessions, Mark was able to help me formulate and polish how I present and differentiate myself and my business. If fact, after my very first session, I secured two new clients and I have been far more comfortable and effective at networking events and now look forward to these events more than ever. My newfound skills and confidence showed at a networking event last week, when I was able to convey the mnemonics Mark taught me flawlessly. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs coaching or companies whose employees need networking training!”

Andy Bennett

“MindsetGo was recommended to me because I needed help preparing for a board presentation, my first ever public speaking opportunity for an industry tradeshow, and a video interview all with different audiences and media. MindsetGo prepared me and coached me through presentation creation, developing key talking points, and my overall presence. Mark and his team offered a positive and supportive atmosphere and it was clear from the first day, that the team at MindsetGo was invested in my success. I will be working with MindsetGo for additional presentation coaching and would recommend them without hesitation to any working professional.”

Val Vallancourt

“A lot of open dialogue and talk about specific problems. I am better at keeping a flow and not being so scripted and now have a process to better understand what the client wants. I think the biggest difference I am noticing is the fact that I getting to have multiple interactions with clients and they are more apt to return my emails and calls after using some the techniques Mark taught us. Overall, just better working relationships and more opportunity for business.”

Nicole Elftman

“I and the team really enjoyed your style of training and hands on approach. I feel my calls have been a lot more productive and uncover way more information than in the past. I’ve been implementing the email ideas as well and feel it’s all working better than what I did before. Thanks again for the time you spent with our team – we appreciate it and hope to have you back.”

Tim Mahan

“So much useful information, tools, tips and strategy that I along with my team now apply in our daily sales activities.”

Mike Elliott
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