“Mark challenges you, gives you homework, incorporate what he teaches you into the training week by week. If something isn’t working well, he is willing to adapt his approach. I now focus on using guest experience to sell our products. He offered constant reinforcement of what we should be doing and how we can get better.”

Colleen Welch

“Past trainings have been very linear and a lot of powerpoints. Mark gave us a lot of techniques and concepts to apply and internalize. Took away new methods for rapport building and making sure sales process is not transactional and instead personal. He challenged us to think outside of typical sales structure.”

Aldrin Agas

“The Mindset Sell training was tailored to our industry and very adaptable. Not the same old sales training package. He critiqued what we have done and tailored his suggestions to fit your style.”

Scott Hottelman

“I felt the training was very valuable as it provided insight into a motivational approach versus a solution based approached to interacting with our customers. We have a relatively mature salesforce so there was an element of “yes but” and “old dog new trick” syndrome to overcome.
The training forces one to take a different approach in the future when dealing with certain challenges, like the implementation of our new distributor agreement. Higher trust level and better customer relations will follow. I also appreciated your ability to adjust your approach as you learned what we do especially when the time constraints required you to condense your curriculum from days to hours.“

Ric Arenas
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