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  • Public Workshops

  • Onsite Training

  • One to One Coaching


  • School Assemblies

  • 4th through 8th graders

  • Performers

  • kids who have a passion for YouTube, sports, entertainment, being on camera, or debating with their friends


Have you ever watched a TV show, Vine, or video and wished you could be the star people were watching? Lights, Camera, Communicate! features fun activities designed to showcase your personality on camera. Complete the program with a recorded video to share on Facebook, YouTube, or simply with family and friends.

Through full-day or after-school programs, learn how to make videos and be funny, entertaining, and popular like your favorite Twitch and YouTube personalities. Share your knowledge and opinions, and experience the opportunity to create a fun video with friends.

  • Develop and maintain a growth mindset when learning new skills and facing obstacles.
  • Engage in genuine and thought-provoking conversation with friends, on-air guests, or your audience.
  • Have fun while highlighting your unique passions and individual personality; captivate the world with what makes your self expression.
  • Create an engaging video experience for your audience (YouTubers, the Facebook community, teachers, family, friends, or pets)
  • Articulate and/or demonstrate interests in a confident and interactive manner, on and off screen.
  • Construct a digital voice that commands the screen with the guidance and technical support of MindsetGo.
  • Improved self-confidence and self-expression
  • Positive and sustainable conversation and engagement skills.
  • Embrace and adapt to different perspectives.
  • Projecting your voice and speaking clearly
  • Critical thinking and active listening
  • Interview Skills